Illustration 2023: Capturing the Japanese illustration scene with 150 talented artists

The Best-Seller Illustration 2023

This art book showcases 150 talented artists who cross over Japan’s illustration scene. The cover artwork is done by illustrator and animator HANABUSHI of the popular group ZUTOMAYO, with Tomoyuki Arima in charge of book design.

This illustrated guide to the craft of illustration explores the nuts and bolts of composition – from the basics of how lines, shapes and colors work together, to why diagonals feel dramatic and curves calming.


The latest edition in the best-selling ILLUSTRATION series that captures the ever-changing Japanese illustration scene year after year. 150 talented artists are featured, with 90% of them new to the book. Cover art is by illustrator and animator HANABUSHI, who is known for his visuals for the music group ZUTOMAYO, and the book design is managed by Tomoyuki Arima. 320 pages.

Includes an interview with vocalist, lyricist, and composer ACAne.


A collection of illustrations from the royal fantasy mobile RPG Merc Storia. Includes key visuals, setting materials, and interviews.

The hit mobile strategy RPG from Happy Elements gets an anime adaption! This official guide book includes character, setting, and event art.

The first collection of illustrations from the up and coming BL artist Hon Toku! Includes rare off-shots and interviews. A must-have for fans of the popular Tokyo Revengers.


A deluxe collection of production art from the beloved video game. Includes CG art of characters, enemies, and locations.

The original Final Fantasy VII was that rare confluence of a fully-realized world, excellent storytelling and top-notch game mechanics. Remake takes that same vision and expands it across an entire continent with new characters, locations and story events. It’s a must-have for fans.


The fourth hefty slipcase art book for the popular naval shoot ’em up mobile game! Contains illustrations of the ships that appeared between the third and fourth anniversary, along with beautiful loading screen artwork and new illustrations drawn especially for this book.

The Eagle Union fleet including Hammann, Arizona, Northampton, Helena and Long Island defend Azur Lane against an attack by the Red Axis. Zuikaku and Shoukaku ambush the Azur Lane base, but Cleveland, Javelin and Laffey assist them despite their unrepaired damage.


The second installment in the FINAL FANTASY VII remake project for PS5 tells the story of Class Zero, an elite group of 14 students from the Vermillion Peristylium, a magic academy. Among them are card-wielder Ace, flute-player Deuce, archer Trey, mace-warrior Cinque, spearman Eight and dual pistol wielder King.

Twenty-seven years ago, Final Fantasy 7 played out across a handful of crowded two-dimensional maps, relying on players’ imagination to fill in the gaps of its world. Now, it feels whole.


Mobius Partners is a leading enterprise-level IT solutions provider of strategic services and technical expertise. This gilded art book showcases a collection of the company’s best-known backgrounds and illustrations from the last 15 years!

Explore Moebius’ Little Pantheon and his pterodactyl companion through various parallel representations. This book will please any fan of this iconic character and his universe! It also includes interviews and setting materials.

Soul of Chogokin 100th Item

Considered the pinnacle of the Soul of Chogokin line, this large-scale model depicts Divine Demon Dragon Gaiking at a scale never before seen. Includes hangars that store the first and second parts of GX-100 Gaiking as well as three Micro Popinica dinosaur-type mecha.

A special book containing illustrations and setting data from Ensemble Stars! Enjoy this collection of character designs, background drawings, and staff interviews.

Kamen Rider Fourze 10th Anniversary

In this official fan book, discover illustrations and setting materials from the popular series! Also includes interview materials.

Fourze is the thirteenth Heisei Kamen Rider series and marks the 50th anniversary of spaceflight. The show centers around Kisaragi Gentaro’s efforts to gain friends at Amanogawa High School through the creation of the Kamen Rider Club. He uses past Kamen Riders as his inspiration.

The Garden of Words 10th Anniversary

The Garden of Words, Makoto Shinkai’s profound tale of connection and healing, immerses audiences in a world of beauty and introspection. Using words as his canvas, the film captivates viewers with its depiction of complex characters on their transformative journeys.

The scene where Takao measures Yukari’s feet to craft her shoes embodies the sense of intimacy that is a key theme in this story. This beautiful book explores the story behind this moving film.

Tokyo Revengers Postcard Book

Color and decorate the character cards of Takemichi Hanagaki, Mikey Draken, Ken Ryuguji, Takashi Mitsuya, and Keisuke Baji. Includes special stickers.

An official art book that presents the impressive scenes from season 1 of the anime! Also features interviews and setting materials. A must-have for fans! Hardcover. 276 pages.

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